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Weekly Report - 0

I used to work at a startup as an undergraduate student and newbie, we had been asked to give a daily report of what we worked, from which page to which page we read from a book, and the articles we read for that day .

hey guys, from now on we will take a further step  , and a better way of reporting every day reading and work from both of you i need an email with : subject : [report][date] content: - all the links you've read . - from page to page from any book u read. - the work u've done

So am going to try this here as a weekly basis - cause no enough time for daily - just to share the knowledge and  to put all of these important stuff in one place for future reference.

its like back to basics,  so am going to post some of the old ones here and continue doing this for a new ones every week:


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